We will work closely with our customer Airline’s management and be part of the team dedicated to the airline brand values.

Wexco will continually develop effective pricing strategies including ongoing analysis of competitor activity. Our focus is on customer service, however, as an airline representative our goal lies within revenue maximisation and yield management. We target all selected markets with the aim to penetrate regular business opportunities.


Wexco stick to the same concept, whilst thinking outside the square, when approaching freight forwarders. It is obvious that we will do our utmost to attract and accommodate shipments with online services, although our motivation goes beyond and Wexco investigate the potential to develop joint marketing plans with the airlines alliance partners.



Disciplined Marketing

*Sales Agent program targeted at regular business*

*Cost effective promotions*

*Strong industry relationships with all key suppliers*

*Target key forwarder events // E.G AFIF Golf Day + Annual Conference*



Wexco has proven ability in:

  • Generating revenue for the carriers Wexco represents

  • Developing effective pricing strategies

  • Monitoring competitor activities

  • Monitoring and reporting performance

  • Innovative product development (Well experienced in Negotiating & producing combinations to maximise sales opportunities outside the core point to point products)

  • Developing sales and marketing plans for key forwarders

  • Analysing, planning and recommending marketing strategies to maximise revenue

  • Incorporating our partners marketing distribution into our current system.





  • Provide email bookings and communications as required by our airline partners

  • Provide 24/7 telephone contact for emergency enquiries to customers

  • Wexco will provide regular customer bulletins for operations, sales and marketing updates

  • Set up Wexco booking system with central reservations via email bookings (xxxxxxx@wexco.com.au) and a 1300 phone number (24/7 operations)



  • Perform, manage and monitor all sales / reservations / flight planning / loading / uplift / tracking of shipments

  • Complete CASS actions. As a member of CASS, Wexco have the ability to submit and complete all tasks  (billings/refunds/credits etc etc) under the Wexco CASS membership

  • Provide Air Waybill Stock Control

  • Train, educate and familiarise our suppliers (CTOs/Trucking providers etc etc) to the Wexco brand to ensure service levels maintained for our customer base

  • Meet company stores and staff cargo needs if required





    will be provided for our

      customer airlines!

"To deliver utmost professional services to both our customer airlines and the freight forwarding industry"