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General Sales & Service Agents (GSSAs) are representing airlines to commercialize air freight capacity and to supervise complex local operations.

Airlines typically work with Freight forwarders and Handling Agents (GHAs) in order to deliver transportation services to the shipper companies.

GSSAs are actually 3rd party players representing airlines mainly in terms of cargo commercialization, operations and administration services.

When an airline wants to move into a new market or streamline its costs in an existing market, it calls on the expertise of a GSSA that already has a presence in the area to market its cargo capacity without the airline having to invest either time or material and human resources.


As well as selling the airline’s cargo capacity, a GSSA can also offer a wide range of services to its partner: revenue management, IT solutions, communications, handling, business intelligence, strategy, haulage, customer services, cargo tracking, safety and more. On top of their rational scope of service, GSSAs’ can provide a wider spectrum of services to airlines and can even be appointed to perform Total Cargo Management.

GSSAs work in constant interaction with Freight Forwarders, Airlines and GHAs addressing a wide range of complex and unpredictable issues. As well as meeting the needs and requirements of its partner airlines, a GSSA must also satisfy its other customers, primarily freight forwarders. This means that GSSAs play a pivotal and essential role in the aeronautical industry and in the air freight industry in particular.

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